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Conflict in the Greek World
Persian Wars
 Persians conquered an area from Asia Minor to
the border of India
 Controlled Ionian Greek city-states
 Ionians would rebel
 Athenians assist
Persian Wars Cont.
 Darius I sent an army to punish Athenians
 Army landed at Marathon
 Athenian Victory
Persian Wars Cont.
 Xerxes takes over after Darius I
 Sends an even larger army
 Sparta joins the action
Small force meets Persians at
Persians defeat Leonidas
 Burn Athens (nobody home)
 Themistocles navy defeats Persian
 Final defeat > on land > Asia
Delian League
 Athenians and other Greek city-states form an
 Athens strongest city-state > form an empire
Other Greek city-states not happy
Direct Democracy
 Golden age of Athens under Pericles
 Est. direct democracy?
 Stipend reform allows poor men to serve in govt.
 Jury?
 Ostracism?
Peloponnesian War
 Sparta and others formed Peloponnesian League
 27 years of war between Athens and Sparta
 Sparta wins why?
 War ends Athenian domination