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Cash Flow Forecast
Cash flow is the total amount of money flowing in and out of a business. A cash flow
forecast is a prediction of how much cash you have available month by month. This
involves looking ahead to when you believe cash is flowing into your business, and
when it needs to flow out. Review your cash flow forecast once a week.
This worksheet is a template to help you determine the cash flow for your business.
Cash Flow Forecast Worksheet
Cash Receipts
Cash on hand
Cash sales receipts
Accounts receivable
Other cash receipts
5. Total receipts
Cash Disbursements
6. Accounts payable
7. Payroll
8. Rent
9. Advertising
10. Other cash
11. Total payments
12. Cash flow
13. Cash Balance
Cash In
Cash you have right now
Money coming from sales of product / service
Customers who owe you money and pay over time
Bank loans, loans from friends or family
Cash from all the above sources
(Add lines 1 to 4)
Cash Out
Cash payments for supplies and materials to
operate your business
Cash paid out to your employees
Cash for the space you use for your business
Cash to promote your business
Cash for loans, payments, taxes, fees
Total payments of Cash Out
(Add lines 6 to 10)
Total of Cash In and Cash Out
(Add lines 5 and 11 together)
Cash you have at the end
(Line 5 minus 11)
Cash In
1. Cash on hand
2. Cash sales
3. Accounts receivable
4. Other cash
5. Total receipts
Cash Out
6. Accounts payable
7. Payroll
8. Rent
9. Advertising
10. Other cash
11. Total payment
12. Cash flow
13. Cash Balance
Cash Flow Forecast - Weekly