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Chapter 16-The Transformation of the West
1-Transition from agricultural to manufacturing society in Europe
2-How did the Renaissance relate to culture, economics and politics?
3-Characteristics of Italian Humanism
4-What were the characteristics of the relationship between the Italian city-states during the Renaissance?
5-What were the causes of the start of the decline of the Italian Renaissance around 1500?
6-What were the differences between the Northern and the Italian Renaissance?
7-How did family structures change in Europe starting around the 15th century?
8-How was marriage age determined in Europe ca 15th century?
9-What and whom caused the Protestant Reformation?
10-Specifically, what did Martin Luther want?
11-Why did the German Elite support Luther?
12-Why did commoners support Luther?
13-What and whom caused the Anglican Church?
14-Describe the characteristics of Calvinism
15-How did Calvinism impact Europe?
16-What were the causes and characteristics of the Catholic Reformation?
17-What was the Edict of Nantes?
18-What were the causes, characteristics, and consequences of the Thirty Years War?
19-What did the religious wars do to the power of Spain?
20-How did Europeans change their view of “family” following the Protestant and Catholic Reformations?
21-What were the characteristics of the commercial revolution of the 16th century?
22-How did Western European peasantry compare with Southeastern European peasantry?
23-What caused the class known as the proletariat to be created in Europe?
24-Who were the Deists? What were their characteristics?
25-How did the Western view of science compare to the rest of the world?
26-What were the characteristics of European absolute monarchy of the 16th century?
27-What were the causes and characteristics of Mercantilism?
28-Which nations in Europe developed absolute monarchy and which nations developed alternatives?
29-What were the characteristics of the Enlightenment and how did it relate to the Scientific Revolution?
30-How did agriculture change in the 18th century?
31-How did manufacturing change in the 18th century?