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Classification Unit Test Review – Chapters 17-22, selected sections
The test consists of approximately 40 questions including multiple choice, completion, short answer,
problem and essay. In addition, you will need to know all of the vocabulary from the chapter. You need
to know:
17.1 – Linnnean Classification (KPCOFGS)
Binomial nomenclature
17.2 – Cladistics and how to read cladograms
(Omit 17.3 for Bio 1) 17.3 Molecular time clocks – Honors only
17.4 – 3 domains, 6 kingdoms
Omit 18.1-18.3
18.4 General Characteristics of Bacteria & Archaea
- compare contrast prokaryotes
18.5 Beneficial uses of Prokaryotes
19.1 General Characteristics of Protists
-animal-like, plant-like, fungus-like
- reason some taxonomists want to split the kingdom
19.5 General Characteristics of Fungi
- compare/contrast cell walls
20.1 Plants evolved from Green Algae
20.2 Classification of Plants
-seedless non-vascular plants
- seedless vascular plants
- vascular seed plants with cones
- vascular seed plants with flowers
-characteristics of monocots & dicots
SC.912.L.15.6 Discuss distinguishing characteristics of the domains and kingdoms of
living organisms.