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Identify the structures on the diagram.
1. _____esophagus___
2. _____liver_______________
3. _____gall bladder_______________________
4. ____bile duct________________
5. ____stomach___________________
6. ____duodenum______________________
7. ____pancreas______________________
8. ____small intestine_________________
9. ____spleen____________________
10. ___cecum______________________
11. ___large intestine_____________________
12. ___rectum_____________________
13. ___umbilical arteries___________________
Identify the organ (or structure)
14. _____pyloric sphincter valve____ Opening (valve) between stomach and small intestine.
15. _____gall bladder_____________ Stores bile, lies underneath the liver.
16. ___________cecum___________ A branch of the large intestine, a dead end.
17. ___________diaphragm________ Separates the thoracic and abdominal cavity; aids breathing.
18. ________mesentery___________ Membrane that holds the coils of the small intestine.
19. ________duodenum___________ The straight part of the small intestine just after the stomach.
20. _______bile duct______________ Empties bile into the duodenum from the gall bladder.
21. _______rectum_______________ The last stretch of the large intestine before it exits at the anus.
22. _______pancreas_____________ Bumpy structure under the stomach; makes insulin
23. _______bladder_______________ Lies between the two umbilical vessels.
Identify by number:
Aorta __2__ Dorsal Aorta _9__Pulmonary Trunk _1_
Common carotid _4__ Left & Right Carotid _7,8__
Coronary vessels _6__ Left Subclavian__5__
Right Subclavian __10__ Right Brachiocephalic _3___
Right Atrium __12__ Left Atrium _13__
Intercostal __11___ Ventricle __14_
Identify the structure.
1. _______pericardium________ Membrane over the heart.
2. _____trachea________ Airway from mouth to lungs
3. ____carotids_______ Blood supply to head
4. ____ventricles_________ Lower heart chambers
5. ____dorsal aorta_______ Blood supply to lower body
6. ____diaphragm_______ Muscle to aid breathing
7. ____vena cava_______ Returns blood to heart
8. ____aorta (or pulmonary)____ Large vessel at top of heart
9. ____larynx______ Used to make noises
10. ___coronary______ Arteries on heart surface.
Label the structures: - Students look at picture, hover over ‘hot spots’ to see
what organ it is, and what its function is -Pictures unlabelled/labeled of fetal pig,
tal%20pig/fetal%20pig.htm – Goes thru dissection with instructions and labeled pictures - Categorized by system; students look at
numbered photos and identify structures; key is given at end - Practice Pig Practical – Print the answer sheet to go
with it -