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In 1999, network television producer Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of California
Democratic congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, was asked to cover the George W. Bush
campaign for NBC. This documentary is a video diary of the 18 months she spent with
then presidential candidate GWB and the press corps.
DIRECTIONS: Your assignment is to answer 8 of the 10 FRQs. Answer each item
completely, as if they were test FRQs. WRITE THE QUESTION PRIOR TO THE ANSWER.
ABESENT FOR PARTS? If you miss any portion of the movie, you may watch the video
on YouTube.
1. Explain why a presidential campaign is called "the longest campaign.” Based on
evidence from the movie, do you believe reforms should be made to the primary and caucus calendar to shorten
presidential campaigns? What effect might that have?
2. Define the job of a FINANCE CHAIRPERSON, POLLSTER, and COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR. Identify an example
from the movie of each one’s influence on the George W. Bush campaign.
3. Explain the difference between SOFT and HARD MONEY. What was the role of fundraising in the itinerary of the
4. Define the concept of MEDIA ACCESS. In your opinion, do you think the public had the right to see this movie prior
to the 2000 election? Explain.
5. Define POLITICAL CONSULTANT. If you were George W. Bush’s political consultant, would you have released this
movie prior to the 2000 election? Explain why or why not.
6. Define MEDIA BIAS. Describe evidence of bias – for or against – from the documentarian Alexandra Pelosi.
7. What is it meant to be in the “presidential bubble?” How did being in the bubble effect the reporting of the
journalists? Cite TWO examples of SOUND BITE JOURNLAISM in your answer.
8. Define the concept of YELLOW JOURNALISM. In your opinion, was the story from the Dallas Morning News reporter
at the end of the movie an example of yellow journalism or investigative journalism? Explain.
9. The 2000 election came prior to the rise of the blogosphere, Facebook and Twitter. How might have these new
technologies helped or hindered the ability of the George W. Bush campaign to MANAGE NEWS?
10. Explain whether your impression of presidential campaigning and the media have changed for the better or worse
by watching this movie. Use specifics from the movie to justify your answer.