Download The Movie Evelyn Produced by: Pierce Brosnan and Beau St. Clair

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Movie as a piece of Literature?
• How can we watch a movie as a piece of
• A movie is just a visual representation of
what we have learned in Literary
Analysis and response to literature.
• In today’s world everything is visual and
you will learn to see the connections we
have been making all year!
Literary Connections:
• Behind every film is a script
• Movies use the same Literary Elements
• Unlike books that manipulate the readers to
make pictures in their minds, movies use
action, camera angles, camera focuses, lighting,
setting, and music to manipulate
• Focus on setting, characters, action, the plot
chart, symbolism, foreshadowing, etc. as we
watch the film
• Pay close attention to the first 10-15 minutes of
the movie and the very first images on the
screen as they truly foreshadow the action
Movie Watching Rules
• You must take at least 3 pages of notes that focus
on characters, plot, setting, foreshadowing,
symbolism, etc. Play the role of detective!
• No talking, eating, sleeping, goofing off
• You also must answer all the movie questions in
the handout
• Sharpen pencils before the movie section starts
• Continue with notes even after 3 pages
• Don’t miss any days or you’ll have to rent the
movie outside of class on your own
The goals?
• You will be able to identify areas of
foreshadowing and symbolism
• You will be able to explain character
• You will be able to state how the camera
manipulates the audience
• You will be able to show literary elements
as they occur in the movie