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English 274: Literary Genres and Periods
1. determine a class description of “tragedy.” Next determine whether or not
charcter Oedipus is truly “tragic.”
2. Look at the period chart. In groups, one for each period, begin
identifying the
historical events that were occurring during those periods. Place the group
findings into a powerpoint. Include pictures, sounds, etc.
3. make assignment
Friday, January 19, 2001:
Go through the period chart and briefly describe each literary period’s
label. Then look
specifically at Old and Middle English periods. Try to determine dates. Do
the dates
match those on the timeline? What types of genres were prevalent in those
Develop a brief “word” document that indicates the answers to the questions
listed above.
Submit that document to the instructor for placement in the course documents
section of
Read the following pages in Literature and Its Writers for Monday: Chapter 7
What is a
Poem? pp. 601-605 Chapter 8 The Elements of Poetry pp. 609-626 (particular
focus on
the literary terms associated with poetry)
1. Science
English 274 1-19.doc
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