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English 8
Literary Genres, Class Expectations,
and Preview
What is a genre?
What is a genre?
Definition of GENRE
• 1
a category of artistic, musical, or
literary composition characterized by a
particular style, form, or content
• 2
kind, sort
• 3
in art painting that depicts scenes
or events from everyday life usually
What is a literary genre?
What is a literary genre?
• Literature, is often divided into three
basic categories.
• The classic genres of Ancient Greece
include poetry, drama, and prose.
• We can further divide those genres into
subgenres. For example:
• Poetry - epic, lyric, dramatic
• Drama - comedy, tragedy, history
• Prose - fiction and nonfiction
Fiction – novel, short story
Nonfiction – letters, journals, speeches
And so on…
• Our syllabus for English eight will
include mostly fictional novels and
short stories, some nonfictional works,
drama, and poetry.
Co-teaching experience
• Ms Burton and Mr. Zellar will be coteaching this class. This will be new for
us, too, so there may be adjustments
and changes as we go. The teachers
will alternate presenting new concepts,
materials, and literary works; but both
teachers will be available to help, tutor,
guide, and present the lessons. Please
feel free to go to either for help,
regardless of which teacher presents
the respective material.
• The class will be large so it will be
important for you to be respectful to
whoever is speaking.
• We expect students to work hard and
put forth a good effort.
• We expect students to cooperate with
the teachers and with each other.
• We expect assignments to be handed in
on time. Late assignments will be
deducted 10% each day.
• Students generally will not fail this
class unless assignments are not
handed in.
• Class participation and group work and
cooperation are also graded.
• The teacher preparing a particular
lesson will generally begin each day
with warm-up exercises – DOL,
vocabulary, spelling, literary terms,
sentence diagramming, reading
comprehension, main ideas, topic
sentences, and the like.
We hope you enjoy this experience.