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Do Now 4/3/2013
 Answer the questions below in complete sentences. You may use the sentence
starters below to help you complete your thoughts.
 You may use the web resources listed below to help with this or use other reliable
web resources.
How do prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells differ? (1c)
What types of organisms are made of eukaryotic cells? (1c)
List the cell types in order from smallest to biggest: prokaryotes, eukaryotes,
viruses (1c)
Sentences starters:
An example of…
The term_______can be defined as…
The relationship between_______and_______is…
The relationship between_______and_______can be explained as…
You may be surprised to learn that...
How do/does...
There are many reasons why...
There are many ways in which...
In many ways...
Resources: -Glossary of general Biology
terms -Dictionary of general Biology
terms, also has links to tutorials and animations -Animations of various
concepts in Biology -Animations of various concepts in
Biology -Digital flashcards and study guides on common Biology