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Study Guide ~ Spring Final
Terms or Events
 Al-Qaida
 Altruism
 Anarchy
 Apartheid
 Berlin Conference
 Capitalism
 Chernobyl
 Communism
 Congress of Vienna
 D-Day
 Ethnic Cleansing
 Fascism
 Glasnost
 Gulf of Tonkin
 Hezbollah
 Intifada
 Liberation Theology
 Marshall Plan
 Paris Commune
 Perestroika
 Privatization
 Realpolitik
 Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
 Social Darwinism
 Socialism
 Solidarity
 Suffrage
 Taliban
 Tiananmen Square
 Treaty of Versailles
 Vietcong
 Zimmerman Note
 Zionist Movement
 Otto von Bismarck
 Deng Xiapoing
 Ernesto “Che” Guevara
 Ho Chi Minh
 Mikhail Gorbachev
 Vladimir Lenin
 Nelson Mandela
 Karl Marx
 Mao Zedong
Match the country to their imperial power.
 Burma
 Indonesia
 Korea
 Philippines
 Vietnam
What were the causes and consequences of the following conflicts?
 Cuban Missile Crisis
 Cuban Revolution
 Gulf War in 1990-91
 Korean War
 Mexican Revolution
 Mexican War
 Spanish Civil War
 Vietnam War
 Yugoslavia: break-up/civil war
 What were characteristic of liberals and conservatives during the 1800s?
 Why did the great powers of Europe form alliances after 1815?
 What factors contributed to the Industrial Revolution?
 What was the first country to industrialize?
 Which class had the greatest influence on societal values in the late
 Which countries got the biggest chunks of Africa?
 What are examples of U.S. imperialism?
 What were reasons for the success of European imperialism?
 What were the political consequences of imperialism?
 Who profited the most from the imperial global exchange?
 How did colonial authorities cover the costs of governing their colonies?
 What did the people of Africa, Asia, and Latin America contribute to the
global economy that emerged in the early 1900s?
 What were subject people expected to do in order to demonstrate to
their western imperial powers that they had modernized?
 Why did Britain take over Egypt?
 Against what people did the Ottoman Turks inflict genocide?
 What contributed most to the stalemate on the western front during
 Why were some colonized people unhappy with the terms of the Paris
Peace Conference?
 What problems were faced by the Japanese government in the 1920s that
led to military domination in the 1930s?
 When was WWII?
 What were features of the Nazi party?
 Why did Truman decide to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and
 What were features of India’s independence movement?
 Why was the nation of Pakistan created?
 What were features of the Cold War?
 What event best symbolized the end of the Cold War?
 Which are features of the Islamic revival movement?
 What are major issues facing the Middle East?
 What are features of the Arab - Israeli conflict?
 What are features of Japanese society after 1975?
 What political and economic problems does Africa face?
Identify the situation in the following countries after WWII.
 Afghanistan
 Argentina
El Salvador
South Africa