Download Lesson 54: Martin Luther King and Malcolm X

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At the end of the lesson, join in a class discussion, putting up your hand to answer the
following questions:
1. Was Martin Luther King’s non-violent resistance to segregation laws the best
way of securing Civil Rights for black Americans in the 1960s?
2. Why was he so hopeful about the prospects for equal rights for black
Americans given the years of racism they had endured?
3. What have they found out about the clergymen in Alabama who rejected
Martin Luther King’s intervention in the racial conflicts in Birmingham,
Alabama in 1963?
4. Who was Joseph H. Jackson and what did he think of King’s methods? What
alternatives did he recommend to secure civil rights for black Americans?
5. Was the separate black nation proposed by Malcolm X a better goal than
King’s ideas of harmony among all?
6. Why did Malcolm X believe that black Americans needed a nation of their
Why did Malcolm X disagree with both the aims and method of Martin
Luther King?
8. Which approach was more correct than the other and why?