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Non NHS Fees & Admin Reports
Medical Examinations and Consultations
Parachute Jump Medical
Adoption Medical
Medical Exam & Report (Inc pre-employment)
£226 / Hour
Medical Report only—no examination
£226 / Hour
Medical Exam & Report for HGV/LGV/PSV/Taxi
(For Local Authority £100.50)
Medical Exam & Report for Accident/Sickness
DVLA D4 Medical Examination Report
Patient Request to See Insurance Report
PMA/PMR Insurance Reports, No Medical Exam
Driving licence/Passport photo countersignature
Fitness to undertake diet regime (lighter Life)
(Includes Blood Pressure Check)
Holiday Cancellation Insurance Forms
£15 - £53
Letters by request from Airlines re medication
Letters of Reference for Bank/Building Society etc
Letters of Reference for Housing Assoc/Council
(Only accept requests from the Housing Assoc/Council)
£79.20 -£84
Private Insurance Medical Claim Form (BUPA/PPP etc)
(Paid for by the Patient)
Private Consultation
10 Minute Nurse appt for Private Blood’s
Character Reference (shotgun licence etc)
Fitness to travel Certificate
Medical Exam & Report for Elderly Drivers
(Paid for by Insurance Company)
£25 lab fee
Private Sick note
Private Medical Certificate/Statement of fact
£15 - £53
Sickness/Accident Insurance Claim Form (Short)
Sickness/Accident Insurance Claim Form (long)
Records requested under the Data Protection Act 1998
Computerised records only
Manual records or combination of manual and computer
Photocopying—50 pence per side of A4 Sheet
Cremation Fee
Claim for school fees reimbursement
£24.50 - £51.50
Freedom of infection certificate
Private Prescription
HIV Certificate
+ lab fee
Ofsted Reports
Blue Badge
Additional Information for Insurance reports
To Whom It May Concern
Travel Application Form