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12th Imam [a] Contest: Junior Youths Ages 12 – 17
How old will the 12 Imam [a] be this 15 Sha'ban (1422 A.H.)?
1422 – 255 = 1167 years
What famous Dua' (Supplication) was taught to us by the 12 Imam [a] that we recite every night
during the Sacred Month of Ramadhan?
Dua Iftitah
What are the names of the 4 ambassadors of the 12 Imam [a] during the minor occultation?
1. ‘'Uthman b. Sa'id al-‘Umari
2. Muhammad b. ‘'Uthman b. Sa'id al-‘Umari
3. al-Husayn b. Ruh al-Nawbakhti
4. ‘Ali b. Muhammad al-Sammari
What is number of the 12 Imam [a]'s companions when he first appears?
Quote a hadith you know from the 12 Imam [a]. Please mention a reference for the hadith you
Most the answers will be found in one of the books mentioned as recommended reading on pg. 1.
Imam Mahdi (a.s) said: “But for the incidents that happen (for Muslims), refer to the narrators of
our traditions, (i.e. scholars), because they are my witnesses upon you and I am the witness of
Allah upon them.”
A Bundle of Flowers P.225 (Kamal-ud-Din, P. 484)
“Follow the Foqaha of our Deen, those who have knowledge of the Qur’an, who protect Deen and
would not follow their own desires”
“We are not heedless of your life affairs and don’t forget remembering you.”
(Biharul Anwar Vol. 53 Pg. 175)
Complete the text of this hadith as has been narrated from the Prophet of Islam in relation to the
12 successor from the family of Muhammad: "One who _______ and does not recognize the
__________ of his time, dies the death of those of the period of ____________________"
(a.) dies (b.) Imam (c.) ignorance/jahiliyya
During the time of the Major Occultation (Ghaibah al-Kubrah), who are the 'general'
representatives of the 12 Imam? The Marjaa Taqleed
It has been said that every Imam of the Shi'a left this world as Shaheed (martyrs) – will this be true
for the 12 Imam too, and if so, who is reported to be the one who will kill him? Yes this is true
and the one who is reported to be the one to kill him is a Jewish woman.
The Imam is said to frequent many Masaajid throughout this earth on a weekly and yearly basis –
list three of these sacred places of worship and when (what day or month) the Imam is reported to
be there. Masjid Jamkaran - Tuesday Night; Masjid Sahla -Wednesday Night; Masjid al-Haraam Hajj
10. Name three of the titles that, after reading or hearing, cause all the believers to raise and place
their hands on their head as a sign of respect? Al-Qaaim, Al-Muntazar, Al-Mahdi, (Al-Hujjah)
The Muslim Youth Association (MYA) is an umbrella organization representing Shia Youth groups
from across Canada. For more information and to get involved, visit
11. Which Imam will give the ghusl to the 12th Imam [a] after he becomes Shaheed (martyred) during
the time of Raj'ah?
Imam Husayn b. 'Ali [a]
12. Who taught the mother of the 12th Imam [a] the details and ahkaam of Islam after she came into
the house of the Imam al-Askari [a]? Hakima Khatoon 10th Imam Sister
13. Provide a complete bibliographical reference to three well-known books (any language) on the
12 Imam [a].
Jassim M. Hussain, The Occultation of the Twelfth Imam, © Muhammadi Trust, 1982
Mohammed Jaffer Sheriff Dewji, Imame Zaman Hazrat Mehdi, Literary Section
Ithnaasher Union, (date Unknown)
c. Murtaza Lakha, The Twelfth Imam, R & K Tyrell, 1993
d. Al-Mufid Shaykh, Kitab Al-Irshad , no year of publication specified, Ansariyan
Publications. Islamic Republic of Iran
e. Lalljee N Yousuf, Know Your Islam, 1986, Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an Inc. New York
f. Imani Faghih Kamal Sayyid, A Bundle of Flowers, 1999, The scientific and Religious
research center. Iran
g. Gulpaygani, Ayatullah Al Uzama Shaykh Lutfullah Safi, Discussion Concerning AlMehdi, Canada, Kitchner, Islamic Humanitarian Service, 1986
h. Husayn, As-Sayyid Farhat \ Hayderbadi, Al Moosawi, The Holy Quran And Imam Mehdi,
Canada, Toronto, Imam Husayn (A.S.) Association, 1993
i. Mutahery, Ayatullah Murtaza \ Al Sadr, Ayatullah Baqir, The Awaited Savior, Pakistan,
Karachi Islamic Seminary Publications, 1986.
j. Many others
14. One of the arguments given by the non-Shia for the non-existence of the 12 Imam [a] is that it is
impossible for a man to live so long. How would you respond to such an argument?
According to the Quran (29:14), Prophet Noah was a prophet for 950 years. Actually, he was
alive even more than that because we should add his age before prophet hood. Also, Prophet Isa
(AS) is still alive. He is 1,994 years old right now. We believe that prophet Isa will come back and
pray behind the 12th Imam. He is not on earth though, he s in the heavens. Also, Al-Khidr (AS) is
still alive. Al-Khidr (AS) is now more than 3000 years old because he existed before prophet
Musa. He lives on Earth, but we can't recognize him (similar to Imam Mahdi). He serves Allah
(SWT) as one of His agents. Allah has the ability to give a very long life to whoever he wishes too,
but He also has assigned a death time for every body, including the 12th Imam, al-Khidr and
Prophet Isa.
Scientifically, nobody has proven any objections to a long life. A group of scientists did a
series of experiments at the Rockefeller Institute in New York in 1912 on certain parts of plants,
animals, and humans. one of the experiments was one that treated the nerves, muscles, hearts,
skin, and kidneys of human beings. After doing the experiment it was concluded by the scientists
that these parts or organs can continue to live almost as long forever as long as they are
nourished properly, and shielded from the negative external forces. So, aging had no effect on
these organs, and they grew every year without any signs of aging.
15. How can Muslim Youths in the 21st century best prepare for the return of the Imam [a]
Sample Answer 1:
I feel that Muslim youths in the 21st century can best prepare for the return of
the 12 Imam by firstly improving themselves. We should try to gain more knowledge
about Islam and about other topics. Also, we should respect our elders, and treat our
family and friends with kindness.
The Muslim Youth Association (MYA) is an umbrella organization representing Shia Youth groups
from across Canada. For more information and to get involved, visit
Once we have improved ourselves, we can help protect our planet, Earth. We
can stop pollution, recycle, and attempt to tell people not to cut down trees and forests.
We can also help stop wars by advising people not to fight, but to make peace. For
instance, presently with the war against “terrorism” going on, Islam has been under
attack. However, our Muslim brothers are being taught to educate and create peace with
everyone, rather than retaliating.
Our next step in preparing for the return of our Imam is to help others improve
themselves. We can educate people about Islam through the Internet, and perhaps
convert more people to become Muslims. We can also construct more places where
people can come to improve their Islamic knowledge.
We should resolve to prepare ourselves to be worthy of supporting the final
revolution of Al Mahdi by constantly evaluating our shortcomings and reforming
ourselves to undertake the great responsibility of making Islamic public order the only
viable order that can guarantee peace with justice and harmony on the earth.
Sample Answer 2:
I personally feel that Muslim Youths in the 21st century can first start off by educating themselves
about Islam. Labels such as ‘Modern Islam’ or ‘Modern Muslim’ should not be propagated and
participation in Islamic events and gatherings should be attempted. Youths should elevate their
faith by practicing Islam with a faithful devotion, and should widen their horizons by learning
more and exploring the wonderful religion of Islam. Education is the key to success, with it, and a
few moral values, one can consider him/herself prepared for the return of the 12 th Imam.
Sample Answer 3:
I think we can prepare for the return of the Imam in lots of ways. First, we should always pray for
his safety. By praying for his safety we will know in our heart that the Imam is here and will come
one day. Everyday we should get up and say Salaam to the Imam, so that we have a realization
grow inside of us that the Imam is here. If we truly know in our hearts that the Imam is here we
will have hope in him, and we will say salaam to him as if he is standing right in front of us.
I think we should try to learn as much as we can about the twelfth Imam so that we can teach
other people. We don’t talk about our Imam enough and we need to be aware of him, if we want
to fight in his army. We also need to be able to defend Islam, which means we have to know
about Islam. This is because people will always be asking questions and it will be a good practice
(when we defend Islam) for when we fight with our Imam in his army, Inshallah. We all need to
start talking and being more aware of the 12th Imam. We could set up websites, handout
information brochures, give speeches, etc. We just need to get everyone to start to think of the
Imam and start to realize that it is time for us to get ready and prepare to fight with him in his
Sample Answer 4:
A Muslim youth in the 21st century can be prepared for the Imam by doing intidhar, which means
to wait. You can do this by trying to find knowledge on the Imam like knowing his background, knowing the
signs of his arrival and knowing the rules of Islam. In fact, Imam Jaffer Sadiq has once said:
“The one who dies among you while he is waiting for the appearance of the twelfth Imam AlMehdi, he is like the one who is in the tent of Imam Al-Mehdi…Nay rather like the one who has fought
with the Imam…Nay, rather like the one who died fighting for the prophet.
You might think how can waiting be with the thawaab of Jihad. In fact, it isn’t just waiting, it’s
waiting for the love of the Imam. For example, let’s say a loved one goes to another country to
study. You would try to stay in contact with him/her. You wait eagerly for their coming and start
preparing for their return. This is what we must do, to best prepare for the Imam.
The Muslim Youth Association (MYA) is an umbrella organization representing Shia Youth groups
from across Canada. For more information and to get involved, visit
12th Imam [a] Contest: Senior Youths Ages 18 +
Name five titles of the 12 Imam [a]
(a.) Sahib al-Zaman (b.) Sahib al-Sayf (c.) Sahib al-'Amr (d.) al-Qaim (e.) al-Muntadhir (f.) alHujjah (g. ) Sahib al-Asr (h.) Baqiyatullah (i.) Wali al-Asr (j.) al-Mahdi
It has been narrated from the Prophet of Islam [s] that when the Imam al-Zaman [atfj] is
commanded to return, his dhuhoor (return) will be from a specific city and from a specific location
in that city. What is the city and what is this specific location?
City: Makkah, location: The Holy Ka’aba (between rukn and maqam)
What is the name of the mother of the Imam and what is her family background – from what
family is she reported to have come from?
Nargis - descendant of the disciples of Jesus Christ and was from the royal family of the Roman
Empire - her father was the King.
Which famous scholar ('alim) was born by the supplication (dua) of the 12 Imam [a]
Shaykh al-Saduq (ar)
What city will be the capital of the 12
Kufa, Iraq
Imam [a] once he establishes a global government
What Dua' (supplication) did our 6
Name the Abbaside caliph who poisoned Imam Hassan al-Askari [a] and was the ruling caliph
when the 12 Imam [a] commenced his Imamate. In what year was this? And how old was the
12 Imam [a] when his father passed away?
(a.) al-Mu’tamid
(b.) 8th Rabi al-Awwal 260 AH
(c.) 5 years old
Name the famous town just outside Qum (in Iran) where a mosque has been built on the orders of
the 12 Imam [a] and where people congregate every Tuesday nights for prayers.
Masjid Jamkaran
Which dua is one recommended to recite after fajr prayers for 40 days if they wish to be amongst
the companions of the 12 Imam?
Dua al-Ahad
Imam, Ja'far ibn Muhammad al-Sadiq [a] teach us to read
every Friday morning before the time of Zuhr which is particular to the 12 Imam? Dua-alNudbah
10. What was the name of the woman who helped Sayyidah Nargis Khatoon during the delivery of the
12th Imam? Hakima Khatoon 10th Imam Sister
11. When the 12 Imam [a] appears, how will everyone in the whole world know about it at once?
A voice will be heard from the heavens by everyone, announcing his return
12. Mention 5 definite signs before the appearance of the 12
1. Rising of the Sun from the West
2. Rising of Sufyani
Imam [a].
The Muslim Youth Association (MYA) is an umbrella organization representing Shia Youth groups
from across Canada. For more information and to get involved, visit
3. Rising of Sayyid al-Khurasani
4. A major earthquake in the East and another in the West
5. A landslide in the East and another in the West
6. A sun eclipse in the middle of a month of Ramadhan (not normally possible)
7. A moon eclipse in the start or end of the month of Ramadhan (not normally possible)
8. A pure soul (nafs zakiyya) will be killed in the outskirts of Kufa with seventy righteous men.
9. Hashmite will be slaughtered between the corner of the Kaaba and the station of Ibrahim.
The following signs may be (just) before or after the Imam’s appearance and therefore may be
acceptable as answers:
1. Dajjal
2. Yajuj and Majuj
3. The Smoke (al-Dukhan)
4. The Return of 'Isa b. Maryam [a]
13. Why do you think, that when the 12 Imam [a] appears, some of the Shia will reject him?
anyone of the following is a possible answer (and there could be other reasons):
- because he doesn’t fit their expectations of “the 12 th Imam looks like”
- because of the number of people he will kill
- because religion will have changed so much that what he preaches will appear to be “a new
Sample Answer 1:
When the 12th Imam appears, some of the Shias will reject him because many hadiths report that the
Imam’s occultation will be so long that some people will fall into doubt about the existence of the
Imam. They will doubt this because they will be Spiritually blind and unable to have the faith in his
existence. The Shias who will reject the 12th Imam will have failed the test of Steadfastness and
patience in obedience to God. They will have been driven away from the true Islam as they will have
drowned themselves in disbelief, materialism, corruption and injustice. This in effect would have
shaken their faith and belief in the 12th Imam. They will doubt about the human ability of the Imam to
deliver human society from its self-cultivated gradual destruction, that has led to many sufferings of
the people and therefore, they will reject the Imam. The shias who might reject the 12 th Imam, may find
it difficult to follow his shariah at that time and they will question his doings, like destroying the evil,
unjust and corrupt. They may think that war is not warranted for and they also might not join in the
jihad at that time in fear for their own lives. Their rejection of the 12 th Imam of course being the
consequence of ignoring to prepare themselves spiritually for his reappearance.
Sample Answer 2:
One reason why some Shias will reject 12th Imam is that they will be disappointed by
his nationality. The Jews who were living in Madinah at the time the Holy Prophet
was born, were actually there because they were awaiting a Great Prophet according
to the prophecies in the Tawrat. But when the Holy Prophet declared that he was the
Prophet, they rejected him because he was not a Jew, as they had expected, but he
was an Arab.
Another reason is because he will establish justice. Everyone is of course waiting for justice. But to
establish justice there might be a price to pay and sacrifices to be made. When Imam Ali (a) became
the apparent Khalifa, he did everything according to the shari’ah. He did not favour anybody, not
even his own brother. People who were previously benefiting from favours and had special privileges
did not like this. Likewise, the Shias who will lose wealth or prestige or power because of the
establishment of Imam’s justice system, may reject the 12th Imam.
The 12th Imam will establish the rules of God on this earth. Shias who want to be Shias by name only,
may not want to follow all the rules. They may feel that the 12 th Imam is making life difficult for them. This
The Muslim Youth Association (MYA) is an umbrella organization representing Shia Youth groups
from across Canada. For more information and to get involved, visit
could be another reason for the rejection of the 12th Imam. Many Iranian Muslims fled Iran after the
establishment of an Islamic government in Iran. They were Shia Muslims but they did like the idea of living
under Islamic rule.
14. As we know, the Qur'an contains information on that which occurred in the past, present, and that
which will come in the future and there is not a single thing that has been left out of the Book.
According to this, there must also be proofs or verses of the Qur'an that deal with the 12 Imam.
Through your research, list five verses and explain in your own words how each verse refers to the
12 Imam, his global government and the world domination of the religion of al-Islam.
Sample Answer:
Surah An Nur (24:55), suggests that the 12th Imam would appear before the end of the world, he would
be victorious against the wicked. Therefore, establishing peace and the believers will worship God
without fear through out the world and the Imam would be the world’s leader.
Surah Al-Qasas (28:5), suggests that the appearance of the Mahdi is Allah’s favour for those who are
oppressed and it is a way of their coming to power and gaining the promised Divine succession in the
whole world through an Islamic government.
Surah Al- Anbiya (21:105), suggests that the appearance of the 12th Imam will fulfill the promise Allah
made to the righteous in His sacred book; that a day will come when truth of Islam will dominate all
around the world and the Imam will come to power and Islam will be victorious over all other
Surah Al-Bara’at (9:32-33), suggests that Islam will become the religion of the whole world. It also
talks about Imam Al-Mahdi who will be the ruler of the world. Falsehood will be destroyed and the
world will bathe in righteousness. Therefore, Islam will be ‘The’ religion through out the world.
Surah Al-Fath (48:28), suggests that it is a declaration from God that Islam is the best of faiths
revealed. Islam would one day prevail over all other religions in the world. This yet to be fulfilled
when the 12th Imam appears and therefore the globalization of Islam.
Surah At-Tawbah, ayah 33 The Prophet came with the truth but the religion of Islam has not yet
dominated over all the other religions as prophesized by this verse. We believe that Islam will prevail
over all religions when the Mahdi comes.
Surah Al-Israa, verse 81 It is said that this verse was written on the right hand of Imam Mahdi when
he was born. Since the revelation of this verse, falsehood has not become extinct. In fact, there seems
to be more and more evil in the world. Imam Mahdi will establish the complete truth in the world and
that is when the complete prophecy of this verse will come true.
Suratul-Qadr, ayah 4. Allah mentions that on the night of Qadr, the decree for every creation is sent
down. There must be someone on earth who receives this “Amr” (affair). That person is one who is
the most beloved of God’s servants and that is the Imam. It proves that there is an Imam alive on earth
to whom the “Amr” comes and in this age it is no other than our living Imam Mahdi (a).
Suratul-Qasas, verse 5. The above verse clearly states that the leadership of the world will be given to
those who had been oppressed in this world. When the Mahdi re-appears, this will take place.
15. A question that Shias are often asked concerning the 12 Imam [a] is that: what is the use of an
Imam if he is hidden from public view? How would you answer such a question? Like sun,
imtehan from Allah (swt)
Sample Answer 1:
When he is in Occultation, we know that the 12th Imam is Immune from murder. Knowing that he is
safe gives us peace, and so we focus on getting ready for his re-appearance and become better
When the 12th Imam is in occultation he does not have to pay allegiance to unjust rulers. So when he
re-appears he will not be obligated to any unjust ruler and so he will be able to achieve success in
globalization of Islam.
The Muslim Youth Association (MYA) is an umbrella organization representing Shia Youth groups
from across Canada. For more information and to get involved, visit
When the 12th Imam is in occultation it is our test of faith. The belief in the unseen is a test of
steadfastness. This test gives us the chance to purify our souls.
When the 12th Imam is in occultation we benefit from him just like we benefit “from the sun behind the
clouds” .The Imam in occultation directs our spiritual life and guides us towards the obedience to the
Almighty. The Imam watches over us inwardly and knows our soul . This thought makes us fight
against disbelief, materialism, corruption and injustice. He also helps those in need whenever they call
upon him and there are many such related incidents. He also guides the Ulema. He knows what is
going around the world.
Also knowing that the 12th Imam will re appear the oppressed do not loose hope that help will come, so
they don’t despair.
Sample Answer 2:
The existence of the Imam is like the sun behind the clouds that benefits the dwellers of the earth he is the
heart of humankind and its existential guide. In order for his benefits to reach humanity it does not matter
whether he is manifest or concealment. People aren't deprived of any benefits from both the direction of
God and from the existence of the Imam's invisible existence. There is no obstacle for the benefits reaching
the people. The problem is people themselves. People should prepare just order and launch Gods
government by spreading the right information and strengthen the character of the people to receive the
Imam's leadership, then the Imam would appear to lead humanity towards the creation of the divine order
to the earth. Imam Ali said that we should not delay what tomorrow is going to bring for us i.e. the rising
of 12th imam. We should always pray for him to appear and fill the earth with justice. Our 12th Imam [a]
cannot be seen by us but he knows his Shia's very well. He loves us a lot. Every Thursday night our Imam
is shown our aamals for the whole week by the angels. When he sees us do good things he feels really
happy, and he thanks Allah. When we do lots of sins he cries and prays to Allah for us to become good. He
is only hidden from our view because Allah ordered him to.
Sample Answer 3:
First of all I would explain that Allah never does anything without some wisdom. If there was no
benefit at all in having an Imam who was in ghaybat, then Allah would not have kept an Imam in
occultation Even though 12th Imam is hidden from public view, he still continues to guide us just like the
sun continues to give us warmth and light even when it is behind the clouds. We all know the famous story
of Allamah Hilli who gave the order for a dead pregnant woman to be buried with her baby. A horseman
appeared and ordered that the baby be removed before burying the woman. When Allamah Hilli heard
this, he was surprised because he had not sent any man with a different order. He realized that the 12 th
Imam had corrected his wrong judgment. So the Mujtahideen guide us during the occultation of the 12 th
Imam, and they are helped by the Imam in the process.
There are also numerous other accounts of Imam helping even ordinary believers in times of
confusion, sickness and especially during difficulties while going for Hajj or ziyarat. There was a man
called Ismail whose leg was wounded and there was no cure. Once when he was near a river, a man on
horseback came and after he put his hand on the wound, the wound got cured. It was Imam-e-Zamana who
had cured him.
We are also kept in safety in this world due to the presence of an Imam on this earth In reference to
the verse 65 of Suratul – Hajj ..”And He holds the sky from falling upon the earth except with His
permission.”, Imam Ali (a) said that it is because of the presence of the Imams and the proofs of God
on earth that the sky does not collapse nor do other calamities take place.
The Muslim Youth Association (MYA) is an umbrella organization representing Shia Youth groups
from across Canada. For more information and to get involved, visit