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Middle Ages PowerPoint Project
Directions: You are to create a PowerPoint on the major events and
people of the Dark and Middle Ages (476 AD – 1500 AD). Use
your textbook, homework, class notes and the internet to
complete each slide.
Each slide must have 3 important facts in bullet form and
one picture. It is up to you to decide what information to
include on each slide. I have not provided any questions to
guide you on this Project. Please try to expand in on
the information from my lectures. Do not repeat the
information that I have given you word for word. On all map
slides please make sure the map fills the entire slide.
If you do not have a computer, you are responsible for the
slide presentation by using a classmates Dell or going to
the library during AE. Your class time will be spent
completing the PowerPoint worksheet to have your
information ready when you do get to a computer.
2 Homework grades
2 Quiz Grade
2 Test Grade
Slide 1. Title Slide
Slide 2. Europe after the Fall of the Roman Empire
Slide 3. Roman Catholic Church during the Dark Ages
Slide 4: Monasteries, Missionaries, and Parish Priests
Slide 5. The Franks
Slide 6. Charles Martel
Slide 7. Charlemagne
Slide 8. Charlemagne - Duplicate
Slide 9. Map of Charlemagne’s Empire
Slide 10. Map of the Treaty of Verdun
Slide 11. The Feudal System
Slide 12. Fiefs, Vassals, & Serfs
Slide 13: Feudal Obligations
Slide 14: Knights
Slide 15: Manors
Slide 16. Invaders of the Early Middle Ages
Slide 17: Settlement Map of Invaders
(Angles, Saxons, Magyars, & Vikings)
Slide 18: Castles
Slide 19: Diagram Picture of a Castle
Slide 20: Causes of the First Crusade (pg. 318)
Slide 21: The First Crusade (pg. 318-319)
Slide 22: The Crusader States (pg. 320)
Slide 23: The Third Crusade (pg. 321)
Slide 24: The Results of the Crusades (pg. 321-322)
Slide 25: Alfred the Great (pg. 304-305)
Slide 26: William the Conqueror (pg. 305)
Slide 27: Magna Carta (pg. 306-307)
Slide 28: Parliament (pg. 307)
Slide 29: Henry II & English Common Law (pg. 306-307)
Slide 30: Hundred’s Years War
Slide 31: Middle Ages France
Slide 32: Middle Ages Spain
Slide 33: Middle Ages Russia
Slide 34: The Black Death
Slide 35: The Black Death
PART 3: Renaissance
Slide 36:
Define the Renaissance
Slide 37:
Economic Effects of the Crusades
Slide 38: Church rule against usury and the banks’
practice of charging interest helped to secularize northern
Slide 39: Letters of credit served to expand the supply of
money and expedite trade.
Slide 40: New accounting and bookkeeping practices (use of
Arabic numerals) were introduced.
Slide 41: Economic effects of the Crusades
Slide 42:Florence Map
Slide 43: Venice
Slide 44: Genoa Map
Slide 45:
Machiavelli’s The Prince
Slide 46: Medieval art and literature focused on the Church
and salvation, while Renaissance art and literature focused
on individuals and worldly matters, along with
Slide 47: Leonardo da Vinci: Mona Lisa
Slide 48: Leonardo da Vinci: The Last Supper
Slide 49: Michelangelo: Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
Slide 50: Michelangelo: David (Pictures)
Slide 51: Michelangelo: La Pieta (Pictures)
Slide 52: Petrarch: Sonnets, humanist scholarship
Slide 53:
Define Humanism
Slide 54: Northern Renaissance (define examples)
Slide 55:
The movable type printing press and the
production and sale of books (e.g., Gutenberg Bible) helped
disseminate ideas.
Northern Renaissance writers
Slide 56: Erasmus: The Praise of Folly (1511)
Slide 57: Sir Thomas More: Utopia (1516)
Slide 58: Northern Renaissance artists portrayed religious
and secular subjects.
The End of the project
Due: May 16, 2016 (Directions for turn-in will be given
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History class is doing a review project. The criteria is
listed in detail above. This is a substantial grade. The
project is easy, but I expect this will be done as
prescribed and with a level of quality.
Furthermore, it is expected that this will be turned-in on
May 16, 2016. There are no exceptions. No late work will
be accepted.
Any Copying / Sharing will be considered cheating & will
receive an immediate ZERO!
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