Download The Cold War, 1945–1960 Results of the quiz. 1. The "iron curtain

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The Cold War, 1945–1960
Results of the quiz.
1. The "iron curtain" referred to
CORRECT: the boundary line of Communist nations across Eastern Europe.
2. In the history of U.S.-Soviet relations, which of the following events occurred first?
CORRECT: The Russian Revolution takes place.
3. The containment policy called for the United States to
CORRECT: stop the spread of communism.
4. Which World War II hero became President of the United States in 1953?
CORRECT: Dwight D. Eisenhower
5. The Marshall Plan was designed to help
CORRECT: Western Europe rebuild after World War II.
6. After World War II, a main concern of the Soviet Union was
CORRECT: protecting its own security and interests.
7. The United Nations was formed to help countries
CORRECT: find peaceful solutions to their conflicts.
8. The House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) responded to Americans' fear of
CORRECT: Communist infiltration at home.
9. Jews who settled in the new nation of Israel faced hostility from
CORRECT: their Arab neighbors.
10. ICBMs were valuable weapons in the Cold War arms race because they
CORRECT: could carry missiles from continent to continent.
11. What characteristic of West Berlin made it a focal point of East-West Cold War conflict?
CORRECT: It was controlled by a Western nation, but surrounded by a Communist country.
12. Deterrence is the policy of
CORRECT: strengthening military might to promote fear of retaliation.
13. In 1949, Communist forces under Mao Zedong took over
14. The military-industrial complex included ties among the
CORRECT: U.S. military, private corporations, and the scientific community.
15. The Korean War resulted in
CORRECT: no significant change in the border between North and South Korea.
16. What impact did Senator Joseph McCarthy have on American society?
CORRECT: He encouraged fear of communism.
17. After World War II, the Soviet Union moved quickly to
CORRECT: establish control over Eastern Europe.
18. Which of the following statements summarizes U.S. and Soviet postwar hopes for Poland?
CORRECT: The U.S. promoted democracy in Poland, but the Soviets hoped to create a satellite nation there.
19. Seeking to protect its border with Korea, which country entered the Korean War in late 1950?
20. In Hollywood, blacklists were used to
CORRECT: prevent suspected Communists from working on films.
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