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World History
Cold War Worksheet
Name _____________________________ Date_________________________
1) What was the period of tension between the democratic and communist governments following World
War II called?
2) At what conference did the “Big Three” meet to discus plans for after World War II?
3) What were the two superpowers in the world after World War II?
4) Why did the United States fear the Soviet Union?
5) Why did the Soviet Union fear the United States?
6) What started the Cold War?
7) What country and city in Europe was divided into two countries after World War II?
8) What were the Eastern European nations under Soviet control called?
9) What were the countries with non-communist governments called?
10) What were the countries who remained neutral in the Cold War called?
11) What was the American policy, named after a president, began in 1947 to keep communism from
spreading called?
12) What is another term for the policy to keep communism from spreading?
13) In 1948, what was the effort to supply West Berlin when the roads were blocked by the Soviets?
14) What was the policy to loan money to Western Europe to rebuild after World War II?
15) In 1949, what military alliance did the United States, Canada, and Western European Nations create?
16) What military alliance did the USSR and its allies create?
17) What Asian country was taken over by the communists in 1949?
18) In what divided country with a communist government in the north and a democratic country in the
south, did a war last from 1950 to 1953 ending in a stalemate with neither side winning?
19) What was the policy of “restructuring” in the Soviet Union under Gorbachev called?
21) What was the first satellite to circle the earth launched in 1957 called?
22) Who launched the first satellite to orbit the earth?
23) What American spy plane was shot down over the USSR in 1960?
24) What city was divided by a wall built in 1961?
25) Where did the USSR begin installing nuclear missiles in 1962 which almost led to war between the
United States and the Soviet Union?
26) What 20-year war (10 years with US troops involved) ended in 1975 with the communist taking over
unifying a divided country and taking over other countries in Indochina?
27) What was the time of improved relations between the Soviet Union and the United States in the 1970s
28) How did the Cold War end in 1991?
Terms. Give the term that the following acronyms stand for.
NATO _____________________________________________________________________
SEATO _____________________________________________________________________
SALT _______________________________________________________________________
ANZUS _____________________________________________________________________
CENTO _______________________________________________________________________
MAD _______________________________________________________________________
Fidel Castro
George C. Marshall
Harry S Truman
John F. Kennedy
Mao Zedong
Mikhail Gorbachev
a. British Prime Minister who coined the term “Iron Curtain”
b. US President who developed the policy of Containment
c. US President during the Cuban Missile Crisis
d. Communist who took over China.
e. Communist leader who took over Cuba
f. US Secretary of State who developed a policy of aiding Europe
41) Winston Churchill
g. The last leader of the USSR