Download Review Sheet for Common Assessment #9, The Cold War

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Review Sheet for Common Assessment #9, The Cold War
1. The __________ War was a period of extreme hostility that existed between the United States and
the USSR between 1945 and 1991.
2. _____________________________ is an economic system in which the government owns and
controls the businesses and denies the people individual rights and democracy.
3. After World War II, _________________ and __________________ were the only two superpowers.
4. After World War II, the USSR wanted to control Central Europe in order to protect itself from
_____________________ Europe.
5. As a result of the Yalta Conference, the United _________________ was created. Also, the Soviet
Union gained control of __________________ Europe which gave the USSR the ______________
zone it wanted to protect itself from Western Europe.
6. The __________ curtain was an imaginary line that separated communist nations in Eastern Europe
from the democratic nations in Western Europe.
7. The _____________________________ policy was America’s policy of stopping the spread of
communism during the Cold War.
8. The Truman Doctrine stated that America would provide aid to any nation threatened by
9. _________________ and ________________ were the first two countries to benefit from the Truman
Doctrine. The United States helped to stop the spread of _____________________ in those countries.
10. Under the Marshall Plan, America gave nearly13 billion dollars to ___________________ Europe.
11. List two results of the Marshall Plan.
12. When the USSR cut-off access to West Berlin, President Truman began_______________________
13. NATO was a military alliance that included______________________________________________.
14. The cause of the Korean War was that ____________________ invaded _______________________.
15. As a result of the Korean War, the United States helped to stop the spread of communism into
16. In 1953, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for_____________________________________
17. What happened to Senator McCarthy after his televised Senate hearing in 1954?
18. Why did the Soviet Union build the Berlin Wall?
19. The __________ Wall was a symbol of the Cold War.
20. In 1962, what did President Kennedy do after Soviet missiles were discovered on Cuba?
21. After the Cuban Missile Crisis, President Kennedy started a policy of _________________ with the
Soviet Union.
22. The ___________________________________ was the closest the United States ever came to
fighting the Soviet Union directly.
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