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Chapter 10 Interesting Facts
and Information
Industrial Revolution – began GB in the 1700’s, it
was a time when people used machinery and new
methods to increase productivity.
WWI known as the Great War – machines
designed for war were mass-produced.
WWI - 1914-1918
Trench warfare in WWI
Nazi’s – National Socialist German Worker’s
party –Germany became a dictatorship
under Adolf Hitler.
WWII – 1939 G attacked Poland and in
1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.
Axis Powers – Germany, Italy and
Allied Powers – (1939)Britain,
France, China, (1941) – United
States and Soviet Union
Marshall Plan – 1948, US started a loan
program to help rebuild Europe and try to
stop the spread of communism.
Truman Doctrine – 1948, US offered military
aid to countries fighting communism inside
their borders. (Greece and Turkey)
NATO – North American Treaty
Organization – 1949, formed to respond to
possible attacks by the Soviet Union. (each
member country agreed to treat an attack on
any other member as an attack on itself.
BeNeLux trade union – Belgium, the
Netherlands, and Luxembourg – an
arrangement for free movement of money,
goods, & people among these nations.
European Economic Community – Common
Market – agreed to free trade among
themselves. (became the European Union)
Warsaw Pact – 1955, Soviet Union formed
its satellites into an anti Western military
Berlin Wall – (East – Communist),
(West – non-communist) – split
between Eastern and Western Europe.
Sputnik I – Soviets took lead in space race
with US, in 1959, 1st spacecraft to orbit the
Yuri Gagarin – 1961, Soviet astronaut
became 1st human being to circle the earth.
Neil Armstrong – 1969, 1st person
to walk on the moon.
Boris Yeltsin
Yugoslavia – communist country- Slovenia,
Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia,
& smaller Yugoslavia made up of Serbia &
Czechoslovakia – became Czech
Republic & Slovakia
1991 Soviet Union – broke into 15
independent republics.