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Vocabulary Match-up Activity
Chapter 18-Cold War Conflicts
Vocabulary Term
The American policy of all-out war introduced by
President Eisenhower
Cold War
This ideological conflict between the United States and
Russia lasted from 1945 to 1991
The policy created to prevent the extension of
communism to other countries
House of Un-American
Activities Committee
A government agency during the 1940’s that investigated
Communist influence in the movie industry
Iron Curtain
A phrase that came to define the division in Europe
between Capitalist and Communist influenced countries
Korean War
On June 25, 1950 North Korean forces swept across the
38th Parallel invading South Korea
The Marshall Plan
An economic stimulus plan set forth by the U.S. in which
sixteen rebuilding European nations would receive
upwards of thirteen billion dollars in aid
Witch hunts led by Senator Joseph McCarthy
unsuccessfully tried to root out communists in America
Satellite Nations
The name for the communist government set up in
several Eastern European nations by Stalin after WWII
Warsaw Pact
A military pact that linked the Soviet Union with seven
other Eastern European countries