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1. Discuss the events and developments that led to war between the United States
and Japan in 1941.
2. Discuss the strategy undertaken by the American forces in the Pacific theatre, and
explain how that strategy carried America to victory over Japan in World War II.
3. Discuss the strategy undertaken by the American and British forces in the
European theatre. Why did the Russians come to resent this strategy?
4. What factors led the United States to use the atomic bomb? Do you believe it was
the right decision? Why ?
5. What contributions did the United States make to the defeat of the Central
6. Discuss the importance of three of the following battles: Bulge, Midway Island,
Wake Island, Normandy, Leyte Gulf, Guadalcanal.
7. After staying out for two and a half years, why did the United States finally enter
the Great War in 1917?
8. Discuss the development of air power as a significant element in the American
military arsenal. What role does Billy Mitchell have in developing American
9. Although officially neutral, in what ways did the Roosevelt administration pursue
policies favorable to the Allies before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.