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Egypt: The Ancient World
Geography and Ancient Egypt
• Egypt is located in
Northeast Africa.
• The Nile is the longest
river in the world.
• The Nile runs 4000
miles from south to
north and empties into
the Mediterranean Sea.
• Greek historian
Herodotus called Egypt
the gift of the Nile.
The Gift of the Nile
• Cataracts are strong
rapids in the Nile
which made sailing
• Two-thirds of Egypt's
farming took place on
the delta.
• A delta is a triangleshaped area of land
made of soil deposited
by a river.
Floods of the Nile
• Most of Egypt was desert.
• The Nile’s floods were
easier to predict than flood
in Mesopotamia.
• The Nile flooded upper
Egypt in midsummer and
lower Egypt in the fall.
• The silt from the Nile made
the soil ideal for farming.
• Without floods, people
never could have settled in
Kings Unify Egypt
• Pharaoh is the title used
for rulers of Egypt.
• A dynasty is a series of
rulers from the same
• Menes is considered to
be Egypt's first pharaoh.
• Menes unified upper and
lower Egypt.
• The first dynasty lasted
about 200 years.