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Ancient Egypt Vocabulary
1. Silt: fertile soil deposited by a river.
2. Delta: the triangle-shaped deposit of rich soil at a river’s mouth.
3. Aswan High Dam: a structure to control the floodwaters of the Nile River and
provide electricity.
4. Cataract: a high waterfall or rapids.
5. Dynasty: a family or group that rules for several generations.
6. Pharaoh: a ruler of ancient Egypt.
7. Pyramid: an ancient Egyptian structure, built over or around a tomb.
8. Nubia: in ancient times, the Nile River valley of southern Egypt and northern
9. Kush: an ancient Nubian kingdom in northern Sudan.
10. Hieroglyphics: an Egyptian writing system in which picture symbols stand for
meanings or sounds.
11. Papyrus: a paperlike material made from the stems of the papyrus reed.
12. Mummy: a body prepared for burial according to ancient Egyptian practice.
13. Nile River: the longest river in the world, which empties into the Mediterranean
Sea in northeast Egypt.
14. Alexander the Great: this pharaoh was from Macedonia and he conquered
Egypt in 332B.C.
15. Rames II: the pharaoh when Egypt’s power peaked.