Download native plants - Wenatchee - Washington Native Plant Society

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Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest Headquarters
Native Plant Demonstration Garden
How it all started
Office Headquarters - Before
Removing sod
Amending soil
Hauling sod
Clean up
Good work prepping crew!
Native basalt rock arrives
Employees help place rocks
This rock goes here…
Thanks Road Crew!
…and this rock goes there
Finally, time to plant…
32 species
and over 200
specimens of
native plants,
plus a
fescue grass
seed mix
Thank you….
Wenatchee Chapter Native Plant
Society (funding for the entire project)
Employees & families of OkanoganWenatchee NF Headquarters (labor and
OWNF - North Roads (boulder placement)
Derby Canyon Natives (native plants)
Cutleaf penstemon
Rubber rabbitbrush
Orange globemallow
Blanket flower
Office Headquarters - After
Woolly sunflower