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Symbiosis (B.12A)
Symbiosis: Relationship between 2 different species.
Types of Symbiosis:
Smiley, Unhappy Type of Symbiosis
OR ehhh face?
1. Mutualism
2. Parasitism
3. Predation
4. Commensalism
5. Competition
Birds eating insects that the
cow stirs up as it walks along
The turtle supplies the algae on its back with
substrates but the algae do not affect the
A bobcat eats a mouse
Species 1 —
Species 2 —
Relationship —
bobcat (gets food)
mouse dies
Species 1—
Species 2—
Species 1—
Species 2—
Species 1—
Species 2—
Species 1—
Species 2—
A yellow flower is pollinated after is visited by a
honeybee while getting nectar.
My dog has a tick in its ear.
That squirrel lives in the hollow of an oak tree.
My sister’s little pet dog, Fifi, was eaten by an
alligator last summer while they were in Florida!
According to the information in the box, which of these
best describes the relationship between rhizobia and bean
A Parasitism
B Opportunism
C Commensalism
D Mutualism
After being introduced in the 1930s, the fire ant
(Solenopsis invicta) became established through much of
the southern United States. One biological way to control
fire ants might be to introduce organisms that are –
A Mutualistic with fire ant queens
B Nurtured by fire ant workers
C Preyed on by fire ant drones
D Parasitic to fire ant larvae
A tick feeding on the blood of a dog is an example of –
A Commensalism
B Parasitism
C Neutralism
D Mutualism
Clown fish are small reef fish that seek protection from
predators by sheltering themselves among the stinging
tentacles of sea anemones. Clown fish are very territorial
and can potentially scare off predators of sea anemones.
This relationship is an example of –
A Neutralism
B Mutualism
C Parasitism
D Commensalism
An oakworm caterpillar feeds on the leaves of an oak tree.
This type of interaction is –
A Mutualistic
B Commensalistic
C Competitive
D Parasitic