Download SYMBIOSIS – two or more species live together in a close, long

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SYMBIOSIS – two or more
species live together in a
close, long-term association
•Parasitism –
good for one species, bad for
•Mutualism – both species benefit
Commensalism – one species
benefits and the other is
Symbiosis Activity
• I’m going to out you in groups of 3
• You’re going to create 3 different types of
relationships from the organisms on the
• You need an example for each type of
symbiotic relationship
– Parasitism
– Mutualism
– Commensalism
Interspecific Interactions
• Species directly competing for resource
-ex. In Africa, lions and hyenas
compete for prey
• Predators have ways to find and eat their
examples – lions, snakes, spiders,
• Prey have ways to hide from or escape
their predators
Camouflage: Poor-will (left), lizard (right)
Aposematic (warning) coloration in a poisonous blue frog
Deceptive coloration: moth with "eyeballs"