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Dear Parent or Guardian:
Welcome to the new school year! I cannot say enough how excited I am to start this school year
off and delve into the topic of world history.
My philosophy on education has always been that the environment in which the student learns is
vital to their success as students. I have always felt that the best way to achieve this goal of
creating a positive learning environment is by developing an engaging classroom experience
where students comfortable and genuinely enjoy going to class every day.
World history is a topic that is truly difficult to summarize in less than a year, and I will tirelessly
endeavor to do this subject justice. We will cover topics ranging from ancient civilizations to the
modern day. In this course we will always closely follow the Arizona College and Career Readiness
Standards, and use a variety of learning techniques to help all students learn.
Charles Gibson
Mesa High School
Social Studies Department
Page 1
World History Syllabus
Mesa High School 2014-2015 School Year
Office Location & Hours
Mr. Charles Gibson
[email protected]
Office hours until 3:30 every day and
other times upon request.
General Information
Expectations and Goals
The overall expectations for this course are simple. You, the student, should come to class every day with a positive
attitude and be prepared to take ownership of your learning experience. Punctuality is always a necessity as is the
ability to engage in conversations with the class about topic being discussed. Further, given that we will potentially be
discussing issues you may have a strong opinion about, you must always show EMPATHY and always respect the opinions
of others.
Classroom Rules
-Be in your seat and ready to learn when the bell rings.
-Always use class time productively.
-Always come to class prepared and with all necessary supplies.
-Be courteous- raise your hand for permission to speak, make sure one person speaks at a time, please and thank you…
-Wait to be called on during class as well as dismissed from class each day.
Classroom Procedures
Pencil Sharpening- Please simply hold pencil in the air and wait for permission. This can be disruptive if not
done in an orderly fashion.
Turning in work- This is done in the tray at the back of class labeled ____ HOUR IN. Please do so at the end of
class each day.
Graded work- Please pick this up in the tray at the back of class labeled ______ HOUR OUT. Please do so
either before class, after class, or after completing assignment for the day.
Drills- It is crucial you stay with your class and handle these in an orderly fashion.
Start of class- Be in your seat before the bell rings so we can promptly get started on bell work. Bell work will
be common on most days, and is a great way to review the topic from the day before.
Dismissal from class- Please do not pack up for the end of class until instructed to do so. That can be
disruptive to other students. The teacher dismisses students, not the bell.
Electronics- Only permissible with teacher permission.
Course Materials
Required Materials
Paper (preferably college ruled but wide ruled is acceptable)
Class binder- This will greatly simplify organization
Page 2
Required Text
Modern World History
Course Schedule
We will cover, as the name suggests, the history of the world, in less than a year! This is no simple task to say the
Early civilizations
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
The World in Transition
Science and Enlightenment
Industrial Revolution
World War 1
Between WW1 and through WW2
The Cold War
The Contemporary World
Grading Scale
Anything below 60% is a failing grade.
Additional Information
Late Work- This will be accepted, but only after a deduction of 10% per day.
Absent Work- All make up work for accepted absences will be done following school policy.
Consequences for breaking class rules:
First offense- Conference with your concerned teacher
Second offense- Conference with your irritated teacher. Call to parent.
Third offense- Conference with teacher, parent, counselor, and administrator; possible removal from class,
and possible loss of credit.
Attendance- Regular attendance is expected! Read the absence policy! After 10 days (excused or unexcused), per
administration, you will be audited or dropped from the course.
Tardy Policy- If you are late to class, you will stand at the back of class for the first 5 minutes of class. Leaning will
start your time over again. Excessive tardiness will result in an administrative referral.
Keep track of your grades- It is your responsibility to track your grades in class. Organize your graded work just in case
there are any discrepancies.
Page 3
Please understand that the information in this syllabus is subject to change at the discretion of the teacher, Mr.
Student Name _______________________________________
Student Signature____________________________________
Parent/Guardian Name________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature_____________________________
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