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Class procedures
6th Grade Social Studies
What do I need for class?
Positive attitude
What do I do at the beginning of class?
• Come in and get to your seat quietly.
• Make sure that your pencil is sharpened.
• Go to the bathroom if necessary at the
beginning of class.
• Get any work you might have missed during
the previous class.
• Put your homework from the night before on
the top right corner of your desk.
• Do your bell-work on the board.
What does a typical day look like?
• After everyone completes the bell work and the
homework is checked, we go over the bell work.
• The lesson for the day begins. This is different
every day.
• Complete a T.O.D. at the end of the day as you
walk out the door.
• If your pencil needs sharpened or you need a
drink, you can do so without asking. Just please
go around the back of the room and remain
What will we learn this year?
American Colonies
American Revolutionary War
American Civil War
World War I
The Roaring Twenties
The Great Depression
World War II
Korean and Vietnam War
War on Terror
And much more!!
What will be graded?
Tests/Writing Prompts
Weekly Journal
Preparation and Participation
* Grades are posted after every big assignment on
the cupboards. You need to find your school ID
number and then you can find your grade.
Each homework assignment is worth 5 points.
Most homework will be to define definitions.
It will be checked at the beginning of class.
All late or incomplete homework will be
accepted, however, you will receive 3/5 for
these assignments
Tests/Writing Prompts
• You will be given a test and writing prompt every 1-2
chapters, depending on the content.
• We will have a review game in class the day before each
test, and you will be given a study guide the night before
each test with ALL the information you need to know.
• You will not be allowed to use your notes.
• There are 25 matching and multiple choice questions on
each test worth 2 points each for a total of 50 points.
• The writing prompt is usually graded FCOSC and is worth 20
points for a total of 70 points for each test.
• You can make up a failing test by coming to me for a copy of
the test and correcting those that you missed for ½ credit.
• You will have a few projects this year.
• All but the last will be done in groups of my
• You will have class time to work on the projects.
• ½ of your grade will be a group grade-everyone in
the group gets the same grade.
• ½ of your grade will be an individual grade- this
comes from how well YOU did as an individual.
Weekly Journal
• You will receive a journal today.
• Each Monday you need to turn in a journal
• Write it like you are a person living in the time
period you learned about the previous week.
• You need to write at least four sentences for
each one.
• It is worth 10 points each.
• Every student starts out with 100
Prep./Respect points.
• If you forget your book, homework, notebook,
or pencil, you will loose a point.
• If you forget to be respectful that day (rude,
talking when I’m talking), you loose a point as
• There are 100 points per marking period.
I think you will find this class
to be very informative,
interesting, and fun!!
The United States
Physical Features