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How do I wire an External Bell Box with an Omni
The HAI Omni LT has Bell + and Bell - terminals. The Bell + terminal always has
12v. The Bell - terminal is set to ground when the system is in alarm and is allowed
to float when no in alarm. a 1k Ohm resistor should be put across the Bell - and Bell
+ terminals and the Bell - pin should be used with the Pyronix Bell box and the bell
box should be set to +Removed. In this configuration the Bell and STB has 12v
applied when we do not want the bell to go off and the 12v is taken away when we
do want the bell to go off. For the tamper circuit a 1K Ohm resisteor should be
placed inside the bell box as an end of line resistor.
See the attached diagram for detailed wiring instructions.
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