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Lesson Quiz A
Directions: On the line before each definition, write the letter of the term that matches it correctly. Each term is
used only once.
1. help regulate chemical reactions
A. vitamins
2. made of amino acids
B. carbohydrates
3. body’s main source of energy
4. regulate body functions
C. proteins
D. minerals
Multiple Choice
Directions: On the line before each question, write the letter of the correct answer.
5. Which units measure the amount of energy in food?
A. joules
B. grams
C. Calories
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6. Which list shows food groups that are part of a balanced diet?
A. amino acids, sugars, fats
B. vitamins, minerals, water
C. whole grains, fruits, vegetables
7. Why is water an important part of a healthful diet?
A. It gives the body energy.
B. Chemical reactions in the body require it.
C. It is the main element in mechanical digestion.
8. Which function describes how fats are used in the body?
A. prevent some diseases
B. regulate chemical reactions
C. help the body absorb vitamins
Digestion and Excretion