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Mystic India: Mumbai meets New York
Brampton Guardian
BRAMPTON – An exciting performance that marries the concept of ancient
India with modern India is coming to the Rose Theatre, Nov. 29.
Mystic India: The World Tour is an internationally-acclaimed Bollywood
spectacular that features dance, theatre and special effects with gorgeous
costumes and the dynamic music of Bollywood cinema.
Including renowned musicians, brilliant dancers, spectacular aerialists and
acrobats— wearing over the course of the performance more than 750
costumes— the show delivers an explosion of colour and energy.
Director Amit Shah says: “If you have ever wanted to visit India, this show is
your direct flight there!”
The colorful costumes and elaborate sets have been custom designed in
India’s film capital by a team of 40 designers and workers over the course of two years. The team of diverse, impeccably
trained dancers combine authentic Indian and modern techniques bringing the streets of Mumbai and New York into perfect
The show takes place on the main stage at 8 p.m. Tickets start at $40. For more, call the Rose Theatre box office at 905-8742800 or visit