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The Stage.
The Greek Theatre could fit 15000 people in it.
Most Greek cities had a theatre. They had no
ceilings so if it rained (sorry) you had to put up with
it the show would go on.
* Ladies did not perform in plays.
The orange mask is the tragedy play
and he red mask is the comedy play.
Greek actors wore masks, made from
stiffened linen, with holes for eyes and
More info on masks.
The reason the masks were put on is
because the back row of seats was so
far away from the stage, they could
not see the actor’s emotions or
50 of the front row seats were
reserved for priests - especially the
seat of honour which was only for the
high priest.
Ancient Greek theaters were usually a
bowl shaped arena on a hillside.
Most women made the costumes.
Women did not perform.
Greek comedy costumes were bright
and colourful. Costumes for
tradgedies were dull.
The stage.
The seats were made
of stone.
 The parados was where the orchestra
came though.
 The skene is where the actors
The god worshiped at the theatre was
called Dionysus - the god of wine and
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