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Chemistry Department Mass Spectrometry Research Facility Charges SAMPLE PREPARATION This covers sample preparation from solid or liquid samples and necessary (note this will be charged unless samples are submitted ready for analysis (see sample preparation guidelines). £10 per HIGH RESOLUTION AND ACCURATE MASS ANALYSIS Spectra collected under automation (no LC separation): ESI‐MS £45 per sample MALDI £45 per sample PROBE £45 per sample EI/CI £45 per sample LC/MS AND GC/MS In house standard reversed phase (C18 etc) columns used, please enquire for details). Columns may also be supplied with samples. Reversed phased GC/MS: £45 per sample LC/MS £45 per sample UPLC/MS (standard C18 column). £45 per sample Method development please contact us PROTEOMICS Nano LC/MS short £60 per sample Nano LC/MS long (2hour) £90 per sample Nano LC/MS/MS short £60 per sample Nano LC/MS/MS long (2 hour) £90 per sample Tryptic digest with nanoLC/MS/MS and MASCOT search for Protein ID £150 per sample AMINO ACID ANALYSIS Amino acid identification and quantitation inlcluding PTM analysis Please contact us BULK AND COMPOUND SPECIFIC ISOTOPE RATIO MASS SPECTROMETRY LC‐IRMS – d13C analysis of amino £65 per sample Flow injection analysis (bulk liquid injection) £15 per sample DATA ANALYSIS AND REPORTING Mass spectrum and chromatographic interpretation, data analysis and report writing are charged at an hourly rate of £175. Minimum charge £50. VAT to be added to all analyses unless otherwise indicated. Contact details: Dr James McCullagh, CRL, Dept of Chemistry, University of Oxford, Mansfield Road, Oxford. OX1 3TA. [email protected] Tel: 01865275657