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A12/0083/14 – Beiyi GU10 LED Lamp
Category: Electrical appliances and equipment
Product: LED lamp
Brand: Beiyi
Name: GU10 LED Lamp
Type/number of model: E0192
Batch number/Barcode: E16022003644P
OECD Portal Category: 78000000 - Electrical Supplies
Description: LED lamp for general lighting. Supplied in a plain cardboard box.
Country of origin: China
Electric shock
The lens and the cap retaining ring can be easily unscrewed allowing access
to live parts. Internal connections are not secondary secured and insulation is
not fully completed. The clearance distances on primary and secondary
windings are insufficient. The product does not comply with the Low Voltage
Directive and the relevant European standard EN 62560.
Compulsory measures: Temporary ban on the supply, offer to supply and
display of the product