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Magellan QM LED
Power and Flexibility Combined
Typical Applications
The perfect choice when space is at a premium, Magellan QM LED
from Holophane® provides both exit and emergency lighting in
a smaller design than typical incandescent combos on the market.
++ Installs in less than five minutes with Quick-Mount® universal mounting
++ Ni-cad battery for extended life
++ Two HO battery options allow use with up to six LED lamp heads
++ Available in red or green lettering with removable arrow knockouts
++ 20-25’ center-to-center spacing at 7.5’ mounting height
Magellan QM LED
Power and Flexibility Combined
Track-and-swivel lamp heads
permit a full range of motion
for precise aiming. Each has 12
series-parallel white LEDs to
provide redundant light sources
and ensure emergency lighting
performance. The typical life
of the LED lamp head is 10 years.
Contemporary design made with
engineering-grade thermoplastic
housing which is impact resistant,
scratch resistant and corrosion proof.
Tool-less access for easy maintenance.
Available in white or black.
Battery life maximized with
current-limiting charger to protect
from short-circuits, and regulated
charge voltage prevents over/under
charging of the Ni-cad battery.
Uniformed lettering has no
shadows or hot spots. Letters
are 6” high with 3/4” stroke
and a viewing distance of 100 feet.
Chevron inserts are easily removed
and reinserted.
Self-diagnostics will automate
testing of the fixture for 30 seconds
every 30 days, 30 minutes every 180
days and 90 minutes annually.
Integrated test switch/pilot light
allows manual activation of 30-second
diagnostic testing for on-demand
visual inspection. Single, multi-color
LED indicator displays two-state
charging, test activation and threestate diagnostic test.
High-output option enables the exit to power
up to 3W of LED remote lamp heads. The HO
R0 option eliminates the integrated lamp heads
to allow the use of additional remotes. See
specification sheet for extended run times for
high-output options.
++ UL damp location listed standard
50-104°F (10-40°C).
Note: For information on how to order this product,
please refer to the specification sheet on
++ Meets UL 924, NFPA 101, NEC
and OSHA illumination standards.
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