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Commodus’s Time Begins
• Commodus was born on August 31, 161A.D,
Lanuvium, Italy.
• He was a Roman Emperor from 180-192A.D
• Commodus was the only son of the royal couple to
survive childhood.
Commodus Early Age
• From age 5, Commodus was groomed to succeed his
father to the throne.
• At the year 166A.D, he was made Caesar (junior
• He appeared to posses a weak character and was
easily influenced by others.
Marcus Aurelius
• Commodus’s father was a co-emperor of Rome, so
he was destined to follow in his footsteps.
• He ruled with Lucius Verus, until his death in 169A.D.
• He was one of the last five emperor’s, and is also
considered one of the most important Stoic
Commodus Takes Command
• Commodus’s accession to power, ended a spell of 80 years in
Roman history, which brought men to throne by merit rather
than birth.
• Despite his promises to the military to continue his fathers
attempts of expanding the Roman empire into the territories
conquered from the Quadi and Marcomanni, Commodus soon
after surrendered everything that his father achieved in his
Commodus Honors Himself
• Commodus, after the city of Rome had burned, he took this
opportunity to rename the city in his own honor, as Colonia
• Commodus renamed the months in his honor, and the senate
was renamed as the Commodiana Fortunate Senate.
• The army become known as the Commodiana Army.
Commodus Was a Bad Emperor
• Commodus was in fact a terrible emperor.
• He should be remembered as a monster, a tyrant
who renamed months in his own honor, and who
slaughtered his way through the circuses in ludicrous
displays of ‘manliness’.
• He was cruel to the Roman people.
Commodus Obsessed of Becoming a
• In the later stages, Commodus became ever-more
obsessed with performing as a gladiator.
• He changed parts of his palace into an arena, inorder to fight beasts/gladiators there.
• He appeared in public as a gladiator.
Commodus Becomes a Gladiator
• He liked to appear in the arena dressed up in a lion
skin as a hero named Hercules son of Jupiter.
• He killed 100 bears in one day.
• He said that the Romans should pay to come and
watch him.
Commodus’s Death
• Commodus died on December 31, 192A.D.
• Commodus grew into insanity so his advisors had
him strangled by a champion wrestler.
• After a new empire took over, Publius Helvius
Pertinax, the empire quickly slipped into civil war.