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By: Katie Richardson
Who and Where
 Hadrian was a emperor
of Rome (one of the
five good Emperors)
 He was emperor from
117 – 138 C.E.
 He was born in Rome
 His parents were Aelius
Afer (whose ancestors had
come from Hadria in
Picenum) and Domitia
Paulina (from Gades)
 Hadrian's family was
originally from Pompey's
hometown of Picenum
 His mother, Domitia
Paulina's distinguished
family was from Gades, in
 Hadrian is most renown for
being one of the five ‘good
emperors’ of Rome from 117138
 During the Reign of Domitian
he was a war Tribune
 In 101 C.E. he became a
quaestor then Curator to the
Acts of the Senate
 He went with Trajan in the
Dacian Wars
 He became Tribune to the
Plebeians 105
 He became Consul in 108
Personal Achievements and Legacy
 One of the biggest
achievements of Hadrian
was that he finished
Hadrian’s Wall that formed
the boundary of
Romanized Britain in the
south and the Barbaric
north which was ordered
to be built in 122 C.E.
 He made Government
more effective and
stabilized Roman law into
one single code
 Started a communication
system similar to the Pony
 His Villa was also
 Hadrian became ill,
associated in the Augustan
History with his refusal to
cover his head in heat or
 Hadrian died July 10, 138
 Hadrian died an unpopular
man with the senate
 Hadrian was 60 when he
died and had ruled Rome for
over 20 years.
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