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There are three types of communication :
- Paraverbal
- Verbal
- Non verbal
Some slides will follow about the different forms of
communication; firstly we will take into account the
paraverbal communication: our voice.
A teacher is going to explain
his Maths lesson...
Good morning
guys, today we’ll
introduce a new
topic: the equations,
do please listen!
Oh noo! The
NOOO, too
hard to me…
How awful !!
Of course you students are never enthusiastic with
new topics…!
A guide is speaking with two children: he is introducing himself to the children
Hi children! My name is
Jake and I’m your guide
in this fantastic trip!
What’s your name?
Hi Jake! I’m Mark
and this is my sister
Sophie, we cannot
wait to start our
trekking tour!
A work meeting: these
people are speaking about
the problems of their
Listen! To enlarge
our profits and
increase production
we should make
our goods
Yes, Peter is
right, what do
you think, Jack?
Ok, but we
concentrate on
our customers’
needs, too,
their likes…
That’s right, I
agree with you.
A modern form of communication is
the digital one, through computers
We can also communicate at distance by e-mail and social networks
like Facebook or Twitter.
Naturally, digital communication includes also
our mobile phones: SMS !!
An example of verbal communication is
a short simple letter.
Tom’s parents have written a short letter to their son,
asking him questions about his college.
Bristol 16th March, 2012
Hi Tom,
How are you? Are you studying a lot…? Is the college nice?
Tell us about your roommates…
Write soon, we miss you!
Enjoy yourself!
Lots of love,
Mum and Dad
Tom Sayer
Now let’s pass to non verbal communication, Here are
some interesting examples taken from ads and road signs.
The energy that listens to you
Here is another example of non verbal communication:
a road sign that indicates a roadwork
The last example of
OK !!
Andrea Petrucciani
English teacher:
Miscia Roberta