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The Respiratory System takes oxygen OUT
of the air.
Parts of Respiratory System
• Trachea
-large tube travelling down the neck
• Bronchi
-Two tubes that branch off the trachea
• Bronchioles
-Many tubes that branch off the bronchi
-Small sacs at the end of the bronchioles
-Each sac surrounded by blood vessels
-The place where O2 and CO2 is exchanged
Breathing In
• Inhalation = Diaphragm in stomach pulls
lungs down
Diaphragm  circular muscle at base of chest
helps open and close lungs
• Alveoli fill up with air and take oxygen
• Oxygen passes through tiny holes of
alveoli into blood vessels
Breathing out
• Blood cells send carbon dioxide out into
• Muscles in chest pull lungs in and pushes
breath out.
– We need air to make sounds.
– Air passes through stretchy bands in the
– The vocal cords vibrate and make our voice
When Good Lungs Go Bad
Emphysema Lung
Lung Cancer