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Respiratory System Computer Lab
Same as usual…go to my website, follow the links to “Body Systems –
Respiratory System”. Enjoy!!! 
1. What are the two major jobs of the cardiovascular system?
2. What are the three important parts of the cardiovascular system?
3. Click on “the Heart”. If your heart is in the center of your chest, why does
it feel like it’s just a little off to one side?
4. You should be masters of the heart by now, but just for review….what is
the difference between an atrium and a ventricle?
5. Remind me…why is some of the blood blue in these pictures and some of
it red? I must have been asleep that day…
6. This might take a while. Click on the numbers #1-6 and explain what
happens during each step in your own words.
7. Click on the Lungs link. Draw a picture of a single lung below, and label
the trachea, bronchi, bronchioles, and alveoli.
8. What do alveoli look like and what do they do? (draw one for extra credit)
9. Zoom in on the alveoli. Describe specifically what happens here.
10. Give me three interesting facts about your lungs and breathing in general.
11. Skip activity one and move on to the blood vessels. Review question:
What is the difference between an artery and a vein?
12. Would an artery or a vein have more pressure? Why?? (Which one would
squirt out more blood if you got cut?) 
13. OK, so what are arterioles and venules?
14. What are capillaries, and what occurs there?
15. Give me the interesting info about the length of vessels that are in your
16. EXTRA CREDIT: Follow the link to “Tubular Circulation” and jot down
some notes here on info that we haven’t covered yet. This will be worth
your while!!!