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The Respiratory System
• To absorb oxygen and release carbon dioxide
• Nose- main passageway into and out of the
respiratory system
• Pharynx- (throat) the passage from the mouth
to the larynx and esophagus
• Larynx- the area of the throat that contains
the vocal chords and produces vocal sounds
Organs continued
• Trachea (windpipe)- that connects the larynx
to the lungs
• Bronchi- the two tubes that connect the lungs
with the trachea
• Alveoli- tiny air sacs in the lungs where
oxygen and carbon dioxide are exchanged
Main Ideas
• Breathing is only 1 part of respiration
• There are capillaries around the alveoli. This
is where oxygen and carbon dioxide are
Main Ideas continued
• Some respiratory disorders include:
– asthma
– emphysema
– Enterovirus
• The respiratory system is related to the
cardiovascular system because it exchanges the
oxygen and carbon dioxide that the blood
transports around the body
Respiratory System Labels
How the respiratory system
• After you are done the diagram:
– Write a paragraph about how the respiratory
system works. Be sure to include at least 4 parts
and what happens between the capillaries and
the blood vessels.
– It may be helpful to use the diagram or book to
trace the path of air thorough the system and
then explain how the respiratory system
exchanges with the blood