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Respiratory System
What structures does air pass
through to get to the lungs?
What is the purpose of the
respiratory system?
 Supply oxygen to the blood
 Eliminate carbon diaoxide
Nose and Sinuses
 Air comes in through the nose
 Small hairs filter the air
 Blood in the lining of the nostrils warms air
 Glands produce mucus to trap dust
 If air is inhaled through the mouth, the dust can get into
the lungs and irritate the respiratory tract
 The small air spaces in the nasal cavity are called
 Help moisten the air
Inside of the nasal cavity
The pharynx
 Opens to the nose and the
mouth for air to pass as
well as food
 Tonsils are on both sides of
the pharynx
 Can get inflmmed
 “Adam’s apple”
 Food and air pass through
 Epiglotis- closes off the
passage way so food only
goes to the esophogus
 Also called the voice box
The Trachea
 The base of the larynx joins
the trachea
 Called the windpipe
 Carilage keeps the trachea
 Lined with mucous and cilia
Bronchi and Lungs
 Two branches
 Air goes into the bronchi
branches to the bronchiloes
 Then air goes to the small
air sacs (alveoli)
 Capillaries surround the
 Oxygen and carbon dioxide
diffuse across the