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By: Ann Zachariah, Sandy
Laczewska, Hossein Hosseinian
 The respiratory
system is located in
your upper body also
known as your lungs.
What is the role?
 When you hear the
word respiration you
probably think of
breathing… breathing
is part of the process,
it gets air in and out
of your body.
What organs are included?
 Sinuses
 Nasal cavity
 Epiglottis
 Larynx
 Esophagus
 Trachea
 Bronchus
 A pair of lung
 Bronchiole
 Diaphragm
What are the main functions?
Respiration includes circulating oxygen
through the body cells and getting rid of
carbon dioxide.
It is controlled by blood as it interacts with
the medulla oblongata. (the part of your
brain stem that controls activities such as
breathing and heart rate)
What is each organs function?
 Oxygen enters the respiratory system through the
mouth and the nose.Then the oxygen passes
through the larynx (the upper part of the
respiratory system where speech sounds are
made) and the trachea which is the tube that
enters chest part. The diaphragm’s (a sheet of
muscles that lies on the chest part of the body)
job is to pump carbon dioxide out of the body
and pull in the oxygen. The bronchial tubes lead
directly into the lungs where they divide into
many smaller tubes which connect to tiny sacs
called alveoli.
What can go wrong?
 The lungs can blacken from smoke and become
weak, and not be able to take in oxygen causing
the blood cells not to perform blood circulation.
 Tuberculosis
 Lung cancer
 Black lung for coal miners
 Asthma
 Bronchitis
 Pneumonia
 Emphysema
How to keep the system healthy
Avoid smoking and second hand smoke.
Cough when needed.
 Healthy diet/weight control
 Avoid pollens and allergens
 Regular exercise to increase oxygen intake
 Vitamins and minerals
 Nutrients… marshmellow
What would happen?
 Lungs will die and
turn black from
smoke(if smoking)
causing you to have a
terrible cough and of
course leads to lung
cancer. Which
eventually leads to
death (example only
for smokers)
Can you survive?
 you will have no way
of getting oxygen…
obviously when you
can’t breath you CAN
NOT continue to live.
 Breathing is an
involuntary process.
 Respiratory circulates
blood through body
which causes the heart
to pump your blood.