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Points To Cover:
•What Is It
•What Causes It
•Signs And
•Conflicting Info
•Autoimmune Disorder Causing The Bodies
Immune System To Attack It’s Own Healthy
Cells And Tissues.
•Inflammation And Damage To The Joints,
Tendons, Other Connective Tissues, And
Organs, Including The Heart, Lungs, Blood
Vessels, Brain, Kidneys, And Skin.
•Lupus Can Be Fatal If Not Treated.
•Constant Attack To Organs And Connective
Tissue Can Lead To Many Different Life
Threatening Issues.
•Lupus Can Range From Dormant To Severe
•Is 5 Times More Likely To Be Found In
•Not Understood What Causes Lupus But There
Are Factors Involved That Are Thought To
Contribute To It’s Onset.
•Research Points To Lupus Being Genetic.
•Although You May Genetically Have Lupus, A
Trigger Is Needed To Bring On The
Autoimmune Process.
•Triggers Are Usually Cause By An Immune
Response From Your Body. This Includes
Infections, Colds, Virus’, Allergies, Ect….
•Another Thought To Be Trigger Is An
Increased Level Of Estrogen.
• Some Women Get Lupus After Having Children
Because Of Their Fluctuation Estrogen Levels.
•There Is Also A Theory That Lupus Maybe
Caused By Some Medications. This Is Called
Drug Induced Lupus And Is Considered A Side
Effect Of These Six Drugs:
• Hydralazine (Used For High Blood Pressure),
Quinidine And Procainamide (Used For Abnormal
Heart Rhythm), Phenytoin (Used For Epilepsy),
Isoniazid (Used For Tuberculosis), dpenicillamine (Used For Rheumatoid Arthritis)
•Rash On Face In A Butterfly Shape
•Raised Rash On Arms, Back, Head, Or Chest
With Hair loss
•Swelling, Pain, Or Stiffness In Joints
•Pain And Weakness In Muscles
•Damage To Blood Vessels Causing Nerve And
Organ Ischemia/Damage
•Pleuritis And Pericarditis
•Raynaud’s Syndrome
Most Life Threatening S/S Is The S/S’s Of
Renal Failure
•Metabolic Acidosis
•Electrolyte Imbalance
•Emergently You Will Treat Symptomatically
•Most Patients In A Life Threatening State
Know They Have The Disorder
•Only Form In A Higher Than Mild State Will
Be Treated With Drugs Like:
Hydroxychloroquine, Quinacrine, Chloroquine,
Or A Combination Of These Medications
Most Confliction Information Is In Relation To
The Cause Of Lupus.
•Rick O’Hara
•Suzy Shadrick
•Anatomy and Physiology: The unity of form and
function. Saladin