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C.Y.U. p. 28 1,2,4,5, and 6
Osmosis and diffusion are the same in that they both
work when there is a difference in concentration.
Diffusion refers to any type of molecule, in liquids or
gases. Osmosis refers to only water moving across a
2. The concentration determines the direction
water flows: from high to low.
4. Animal cells are more likely to burst than plant
cells when placed in distilled, (pure) water
because they do not have a cell wall to support
This is what happens to red blood cells when placed in
solutions with different concentrations:
5. Turgor pressure is when the water vacuoles in a
plant cell are full, and pushing out on the cell wall.
6. Grocery stores spray their vegetables with water
to keep the water vacuoles in the plant cells full,
and therefore crisp and appealing to the shopper.