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Genocide is the deliberate and systematic
destruction, in whole or in part, of an ethnic,
racial, religious, or national group.
This means that trying to harm or destroy a
people based on their backgrounds or beliefs.
Cultures are always viewed as ‘us’
and ‘them’. Areas without a mixture of
different groups are more likely to
have genocide.
 To prevent or fix this issue, it is
necessary to find common ground,
such as a national language or similar
Giving names, items that must be
wore, or tattoos that distinguish them
to be their religion or background by
visually looking at them.
When a group of people considers
another group of people to be
anything less than human, or
comparing them to animals.
 Hate propaganda is printed and hate
radio stations slander the particular
group of people.
Genocide is always organized, either
by the government, terrorists or
another group.
 They train militias and start plans for
the genocide procedure.
Government or militias drive the group
of people apart, forbidding marriage
and killing young children.
 Laws put into effect forbidding visas to
leave the country to escape.
Victims are forced into ghettos,
concentration camps, or areas with
extreme famine and/or drought.
 Death lists are drawn up, at this point
a Genocide Alert must be called.
Mass killing, called extermination to
the killers because they do not believe
their victims are humans.
 When sponsored by the state, armies
work with militias to perform killings.
Killers dig up graves. Burn bodies and
evidence of there ever being a
 Deny anyone was killed or blame it on
the victims themselves.