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Conflict in Modern Africa Webquest
Students will answer the following questions to gain an understanding of the genocide in
either choose to write the answers in your notebook or type the information in a
document, send it to yourself at home, and print it out. The notes will be the basis for
our discussion during the unit.
1. Read through the slides on genocide. Define the word in your own words.
2. How does the United Nations define "genocide"?
3. According to the genocide convention, what are our international obligations as a
member of the United Nations?
4. What is the difference between a watch, a warning, and an emergency according to the
Committee for Conscience?
5. Who were the principal participants of the civil war in Southern Sudan? What ethnic
groups were on each side? What was the strategy of the Sudanese government during
the conflict?
What countries did the Lost Boys of Sudan travel through? How many started out on the
journey? How many ultimately survived?
7. What are the main two ethnic groups in Rwanda? How did each group’s treatment by
Belgium lead to tension? What changes were made when Belgium left?
8. What event triggered the genocide that took place in Rwanda? How long did the
genocide take place? How many people died?
9. Who was involved in the conflict in Darfur region in early 2003? What was the original
dispute about? How did the government respond to the conflict?
10. How many civilians were displaced and where did they go? How many died within the
conflict? Why was the conflict determined to be genocide by the International Criminal
Court Tribunal?
11. Why have so many Americans taken up the cause?
12. What is a conflict diamond or “blood diamond”? How has it affected various parts of
Africa? What is being done to put an end to the trade of them?
13. Describe the reasons for concern currently in the Democratic Republic of Congo. What is
being done to try to prevent violence in the region?
14. Describe the reasons for concern currently in the Somalia. What is being done to try to
prevent violence in the region? How has the lawlessness led to the piracy off their coast?
15. What happened on July 9, 2011? What are some of the concerns for the short and long
term effects of the country’s creation?