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Outline and Expectations
This course explores the period from the
Middle Ages to present and investigates
the major trends in Western civilization and
world history.
You will learn about the interaction
between the emerging West and other
regions of the world and about the
development of modern social, political and
economic systems.
You will use critical-thinking &
communication skills to investigate the
historical roots of contemporary issues and
present your conclusions.
Key Learnings and
Course Objectives
Literacy: The student encounters a wide range of
texts including primary documents. The course lays
foundations for further work in the humanities and
social sciences, and hopes to improve all students’
written communication skills.
Numeracy: This course offers the student insight
into the emergence of mathematics as the language
of the modern scientific worldview.
Global Understanding: The student gains a
sense of how discipline of history contributes to an
understanding of the world in which we live.
Key Learnings and
Course Objectives
Moral Maturity: This course contributes to
the development of moral judgement by
encouraging reflection on what it means to
be modern, politically-liberated, and
technologically advanced, and on the costs
of modernity, to both traditional ways of life
and to non-European peoples.
Aesthetic Maturity: The student should
gain understanding of how historical
developments shaped particular ideas of
excellence in art, architecture, and
Key Learnings and
Course Objectives
Understanding of Forms of Inquiry: This course
hopes to increase curiosity about interdisciplinary
(environmental, literary, cultural) approaches to
European and World history, to thus encourage
awareness of the interconnectedness of knowledge.
Independence of Thought & Love of Learning:
By challenging common myths about European &
World history, the student should develop an
independent and informed perspective on modern
history. Methods of evaluation which emphasize
written expression will encourage the student to
develop critical ability and intellectual curiosity.
Topics of Study
Medieval Europe
The Renaissance
Martin Luther and the Protestant
Catholic Reformation
War in the 17th Century
Encountering a New World
The Scientific Revolution
Topics of Study continued…
The Enlightenment
Social and Cultural Change in
the Early Modern Period
Inalienable Rights
Industrial Revolution
Revolt and Reorganization
Imperialism and the 20th Century
This is a 12 U course which
means that the level of
academic expectation and
requirements will be significant.
It will be expected that you will
attend all classes and seminars.
Classes that are missed will be
in your hands to make up
Expectations Continued…
Course work will count for 70%
of your final grade. This will
include unit tests, assignments
and seminars.
Each student will be asked to
conduct a seminar as an
individual or in a group dynamic,
as well as participating in all
Expectations Continued…
The final 30% of your grade will be
derived from a 15% final exam and
15% summative evaluation.
The summative can start anytime
throughout the semester and will be
a based on an extension novel or
critical review of a primary
No two people will be able to
research the same novel. Topics will
be chosen on a first come first serve
Handout will be provided next week.
Office Hours
I will be available the 2nd half of
lunch in my workroom #208 (2nd floor
across from library).
After school from 2:45PM – 3PM
Find more information on my website
You can also contact me through
Please allow for an appropriate
response time.
Last But Not Least
This course will demand a great
deal of your time and will be
treated as a university
preparation course
This grade will reflect on your
marks submitted to university or
Anything less than your best
effort will be marked accordingly