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Montgomery & El
By: Micaela Abbomerato
 Bernard
Montgomery was a British
commander of D-Day and the hero
of the battle El Alamein. (Source 1)
 El Alamein (most commonly known
as the second battle of El Alamein)
was a battle fought by the Axis and
Allied powers in World War II.
(Source 2)
was a British
commander who succeeded
several others and at the
beginning of the battle, boosted
the Allies’ morale. The Allies won
El Alamein and Montgomery won
the title Viscount Montgomery of
Alamein. (Source 1 and 3)
 El Alamein
consisted of two battles
between the Allies and Axis
powers in WWII. The first battle
ended in a stalemate with heavy
casualties to the Allies, though
they won the second battle.
 The battles started in early of 1942
and ended in October of 1942.
 (Source 2)
first battle was in July
of 1942. The second lasted
from October 23 to
November 3 of the same
(Source 2)
Where and Why?
El Alamein
is an Egyptian
dessert 150 miles away from
 This battle was started because
the Afrika Korps were trying to
get to the Suez Canal so it would
be harder for the Allies to supply
themselves. (Source 3)
 The
Battle of El Alamein was a last
stand for the Allies in North
America. They had suffered so
many defeats in WWII that they had
to have a victory to keep them
motivated. When the first battle at
El Alamein failed, Montgomery was
given command of the Eighth Army
in North Africa. (Source 3)
 Montgomery’s
arrival lofted Allied
morale, partly because he aimed at
restoring confidence to the troops.
By November 2nd, German
commander Rommel knew he’d
been beat, and refused Hitler’s
orders to continue to fight. He
retreated, and the Allies won this
battle. (Source 3)
Battle at El Alamein
was a turning point in the
war and this victory gave
the Allies confidence to win
World War II. (Source 2 and
General Bernard
British infantry attack at Second
Battle of El Alamein
El Alamein
‘Monty’ at War
 Where
is El Alamein?
 What year did it take place in?
 Which country was Montgomery
 What role did Montgomery plan in
the allies victory?
 What
 An
is El Alamein?
Egyptian dessert.
 What
year did it take place in?
 1942
 Which
country was Montgomery with?
 Germany.
 What
role did Montgomery plan in the
allies victory?
 General
Montgomery talked to
the troops and gave them
confidence in winning, even
though they had not yet won a
battle. He boosted their morale
which in the end, helped the
Allies win the battle and the war.
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