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Round Table Discussion
Promoting Brands with Social Media:
Top Ten To Do’s
Bob Brooks
WEGO Health
[email protected]
September 26, 2009
appreciates our sponsors very much
Brand Manager
Core Marketing Objectives
Increase market share
Know the customers
Increase Brand awareness, knowledge & recall
Enhance Brand image
Build loyalty
Create brand extensions
Create relationships/conversations
Competitive analysis
Promoting Brands with Social Media:
Top Ten To Do’s
Define success
Listen to the buzz and identify Brand advocates
Define the team and who owns the social media channel
Provide value – “Cocktail Party Principle”
Define which tools (e.g. twitter, blogging, etc.) serve goals best
Be transparent
Be ready to respond to what customers are saying
Create policy for responding and publicize
Develop a feedback system to encourage engagement
Integrate social media into your marketing plan vs. creating a stand
alone social media plan
appreciates our sponsors very much
Thank you
Great Social Media Marketing Resources:
“Secrets of Social Media Marketing: How to Use Online
Conversations and Customer Communities to TurboCharge Your Business!”
By Paul Gillin